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The 12 Dicks Of Christmas It’s the holiday season, one of my least favorite times of year. While I’m not someone who hates Christmas (or any other politically incorrect/correct holiday celebrated during the Month of December), I’m willing to admit that I’m very deeply scarred due to shitty holiday events of the past. While I’m not a […]

Myself and some people I know who have AMAZING personalities are starting up a social commentary blogging network called Ocular Aneurysm Media where we will be calling out the random acts of stupid in the world. While this was my idea (and thus, Stroke #4), I must give credit to these fine folks for being brilliant and […]

It seems like not a day goes by that someone isn’t asking me to do something for them because they are just too fucking lazy to do it themselves. I guess they just assume I sit around doing nothing all day since I’m not working a “Normal” job… and that their time is more valuable than mine. […]

In the near future, I’m going to spend some time sharing some tall tales that you may or may not believe have actually happened to me. In many cases, these stories seem like something that has been passed down from generation to generation because they might seem so absurd. Yes, there are many occurrences in my life […]

As with anything negative, there should also be a positive to create balance. So here’s some things I thoroughly enjoy in no particular order. Her Her lips Twizzlers Heavy Music Guitars Shaved… Music Theory Lasagna Sushi Computers Android Devices Racquetball Volleyball Old-school Video Games Arcades Bars (Not to be confused with clubs) Women Sex Mental Stimulation Sleep […]

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Band Autographs Are Silly I have never understood the obsession of having someone you admire sign a piece of paper, album, guitar, etc. On MANY an occasion, I’ve hung with numerous celebrities of varying sorts, and I think the main reason they actually hang out and party with me is because never ask for autographs, nor do […]

The .XXX domain directory Now that they’ve started with the .XXX domain names to supposedly assist in keeping children away from pornography… I say let’s make a .xxx domain directory so those of us who are enthusiasts can find the goods that we like quicker! Think of it as the Phone book of online porn. Yes… it’s […]

Strokes Of Genius From now on I’ll be documenting all of my various Strokes of Genius. You might not agree, but that’s just because you’re too stupid to comprehend just how brilliant it is at the moment. BTW this is the first one. So Stroke Of Genius #1: documenting my amazing thoughts/ideas for a change.

What Chaps My Ass This will be an ever growing/shrinking list of what chaps my ass, so chances are good that things will randomly appear and disappear. Feel free to partake in conversation via comments. People who can’t drive worth a shit talking/texting while on their phone. Fucking DRIVE! Asshole drivers who pull into a cross-walk at […]

My brain HURTS! It seems like the world is trying to make me over-think. Whether it’s commercials on TV, breaking misinformation, twitter, facebook, reality TV, ads on websites, podcasts… regardless of what you want to call it, to me it’s just wasted bandwidth. People don’t talk about their problems anymore. If it’s not a tweet, text, or […]