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Stupid Bird

Dear Twitter, Twitter has been taking some drastic moves lately in an effort to raise money for it’s services. One of my least favorite being their “Promoted Tweets.” There’s nothing more annoying than trying to keep up with your timeline already and then BAM, just like a bastard, ginger stepchild… a stupid ad for a cheeseburger from […]

The Birth Of Moron Apocalypse, and Pinocchio Tweets These ideas came to me a while ago, but I’ve been busy working on various projects and haven’t had a chance to make them happen… until now. Stroke #8 Moron Apocalypse Stroke #9 Pinocchio Tweets. Both are a work in progress, but will be a part of the Ocular […]

Certified Awesome

Certified Awesome There is no reason to try and explain to your friends just how awesome you are anymore… Here you go, your very own “Certified Awesome” card brought to you by Sneakily’s Realm. Print it, laminate it, and carry it around with you at all times. When someone questions your awesomeness… just show them that you’re […]

Things I learned in Chicago This past month I spent a week in Chicago with my lovely long-term temporary soul-mate, and here’s some things I learned Restraining orders don’t mean shit when you’re out of the jurisdiction area. Whodini panties. (You’ll have to ask her) Having a laptop = sweet. Having the power cord for said laptop […]