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Stupid Bird

The Greatest Twitter Tool I fucking LOVE Twitter! Twitter has all kinds of varying uses, from promoting self narcissism (like I do), to picking up hot bored house wives (for those of you twitter fiends who can actually score), to trying to push your shitty brand to morons who allow themselves to be subjected to shitty brands (like […]

Mind Crime

You’re being brainwashed, and you’re volunteering for it! You just got home after a half-hour trek through painstaking traffic; having just conquered a stressful, 8 hour shift at the office. You’d like to veg a little bit; catch up on a TV show or two of your choosing. Unfortunately for you, corporate advertisers have another agenda lurking in […]

Equal Opportunity Offender Card Large

Don’t be a racist! Be an Equal Opportunity Offender instead! Have your friends, parents, or colleagues ever called you racist merely because you were the middle-man for a semi-racist joke that you thought was funny? Well worry no more with the Sneakily’s Realm Equal Opportunity Offender Card! That’s right, live your life with confidence knowing that whatever […]

T-shirt Hell

Sneakily’s Realm and T-shirt Hell This is exciting news for me because I’ve been working with T-shirt Hell for a VERY long time, and not only am I a fan of their merchandise… I own a bunch of it myself, and I designed one of their shirts (more on the way)! So you can imagine how cool […]

Since some of you don’t do twitter (Still… REALLY?) you missed out on some great shit the other day when I was sleep deprived and saw a CNN Headline about “Octomom” creating a porno. Like any curious porn aficionado, I had to track it down and see what all the hype was about. Having succeeded (like I […]

Try not to die this year and BTW, if you’re afraid of clowns, Bummer… I probably just ruined your new year. Here’s to the Mayans having 365 chances to be right in 2012. Happy New Year!

The 12 Dicks Of Christmas It’s the holiday season, one of my least favorite times of year. While I’m not someone who hates Christmas (or any other politically incorrect/correct holiday celebrated during the Month of December), I’m willing to admit that I’m very deeply scarred due to shitty holiday events of the past. While I’m not a […]

It seems like not a day goes by that someone isn’t asking me to do something for them because they are just too fucking lazy to do it themselves. I guess they just assume I sit around doing nothing all day since I’m not working a “Normal” job… and that their time is more valuable than mine. […]

What Chaps My Ass This will be an ever growing/shrinking list of what chaps my ass, so chances are good that things will randomly appear and disappear. Feel free to partake in conversation via comments. People who can’t drive worth a shit talking/texting while on their phone. Fucking DRIVE! Asshole drivers who pull into a cross-walk at […]

While there will never be anything pornographic on or about my site… I still recommend you be over 18 because your parents would probably bitch at you for reading my material. Consider that to be YOUR problem… not mine. As for offending you, Trust me… if anyone can do it, I can! In celebration of such an […]