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Stupid Bird

Dear Twitter, Here’s some ideas to make money minus your STUPID promoted tweets!

Stupid Bird

Dear Twitter,

Twitter has been taking some drastic moves lately in an effort to raise money for it’s services. One of my least favorite being their “Promoted Tweets.” There’s nothing more annoying than trying to keep up with your timeline already and then BAM, just like a bastard, ginger stepchild… a stupid ad for a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

I thoroughly understand Twitter’s need to make money, I mean their servers are overloaded almost daily, spammers accounts are joining and dying by a rate of thousands a minute, and many people such as myself use it as more of a chat mechanism than just a “here’s the dumb and boring shit that I’m doing right now” social platform. Recently, Twitter has all but nuked most of the opportunities to use more than 140 characters in a tweet. I don’t disagree with this, as it keeps most conversations to “Man” conversation… the equivalent of 30 seconds or less. It does pose to be a big issue when retweeting an important tweet, or on rare occasion… trying to get a point across. So, in order for Twitter to effectively raise more funds, and satisfy people such as myself,  I’m proposing a Twitter “Character Bank.” With this Twitter “Character Bank,” you pay a small little fee (I’m thinking $5 a month or less) and For every tweet you send that’s under 140 characters, you get like 1/5th saved up so you can use them for a longer tweet on a future occasion. I would also like to propose that, like in many “freemium” games that have purchasable content; Twitter should allow people to pay a couple bucks for some extra characters to add to a tweet. This would make Twitter a shit-ton of money, and would make people like myself VERY happy because we can rant when we feel like it (for a small price), and NO MORE PROMOTED TWEETS! Since this idea is OBVIOUS genius… it’s Stroke #9. BTW Twitter feel free to hire me, I’m willing to travel.

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