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Loony Birthday

Happy Birthday to Sneakily’s Realm (oops)

Loony BirthdayHappy Birthday to Sneakily’s Realm (oops)

This month is special for a lot of reasons, Christmas (meh), End of the world (if the Mayans were right), the 30th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “thriller” album, the end of the year if the Mayans aren’t right, and then there’s also my birthday (Dec 1st.)  and the birthday of Sneakily’s Realm (Dec. 10th apparently). You would think all of these events would be cause to celebrate and get all wasted and silly… Nope, I’ve been too damned busy to even take notice until just now. So Happy Birthday to Sneakily’s Realm, from me!

After a hectic week of major success and failures, I was just thinking to myself (now that I actually have time to sit down and think), “I’m pretty sure the 1 year anniversary of Sneakily’s Realm is coming up any day now.” So I pulled out my paperwork (also called a whois search), and sure enough, I’ve been so damned busy this entire month; I completely forgot to celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest projects I’ve ever started. You might be wondering… what I’ve been so busy with that I forgot such an important event? I’ve started up a brand spanking new company due to the high demand (or so we think) of a website project my girlfriend so brilliantly conjured up one day. Instead of just creating a website, capturing all the social media markets, and calling something “a brand” like I usually do (half-assed, at best); we’ve taken this one all the way down the road of infamy by actually registering the business with an actual state, and creating all of the legally binding ties that make us HAVE to be together for a VERY long time sans marriage. With said new company comes all kinds of ridiculous rewards, debts, headaches, discussions, new faces, new contacts, paperwork, meetings, contracts, taxes, arguments, and adopted children from Africa.

I made that last part up, but hell… I’ve already signed away my life, why not snag an “Ethernopian” too and put him to work.

Seriously though, life has been insane busy for me, but I’m very happy with the direction in which it’s going… for the first time since 2009, I feel like I’m FINALLY pulling ahead in life again. While this isn’t a path I would have imagined taking in life; it’s an AWESOME path, and I’m extremely excited to be a part of something so unique and educational with the #1 person in my life.

Enough with all that sappy bullshit/business speak… I’m still me, and I still have plenty of things to get pissed off and rant about. I still have people to offend (how about those election results ya silly Mormons?), and pets to punt into next week. I have plenty of new things to toss at ya here on the site, I promise. So thank you very much for your loyalty and encouragement of my being a Dickhead; it’s good to know that I’m not alone in this world in my warped, ridiculous ways of thinking. So Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Sneakily’s Realm, Fuck yo’ couch… I’m out until this year’s Christmas rant (I’ll think of something, trust me). Until then… don’t be gay… unless you already are gay, in which case; don’t be straight.

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