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Hate mail is fun!

content templateHate mail is fun!

Every person who visits a website should be given the opportunity to leave positive and/or negative feedback about the site. I’ve always allowed you clowns to leave comments (not like you do), but since the majority of you lazy fucks can’t seem to be bothered by actually logging in and having to type something out… I’ve made leaving feedback brainlessly simple for you.

I’ve installed a new little perk here on the site that you’ll see on the right-hand side of the page, that allows you to leave me a voice message just by clicking on it and speaking. Yes, it’s THAT SIMPLE! Feel free to be hateful, sexy, stupid… whatever. I’ll check them at least once a week, and if you leave a way for me to contact you, (skype, phone number, etc.) I might even surprise you with a call one of these days. Feel free to unleash your best inner demons, ask for advice… whatever. I might even dedicate a section of the site to answering the voice messages I receive… who knows. First person to successfully try it out gets a weenie ride. I will also award some kind of cool prize (for Real, probably an gift card or something… I have to decide) to the person who leaves the most creative (pronounced funny/dirty) hate mail. We’ll say the contest ends on Halloween 2012… so you have a little over a month to get stupid.

So bring on the hate, the dirty, the drunken, the creative! I want to hear from you! Please spread the word to your friends, enemies, pets… I don’t care. This will be hilarious!

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