Sneakily's Realm

Soon to be offending you, and the entire universe

While there will never be anything pornographic on or about my site… I still recommend you be over 18 because your parents would probably bitch at you for reading my material. Consider that to be YOUR problem… not mine. As for offending you, Trust me… if anyone can do it, I can! In celebration of such an event, today I decided to create a little site for myself. I’m not going to be around forever, and this will be a way for people to look back and think to themselves… “What a dick!” I like to think of it as the REAL me. Close friends of mine will read this and laugh their asses off… those are the people I’m really doing this for. So, regardless of who you are, enjoy your stay… or be offended. Whichever suits you best… I’m just happy I made it here.                                 -sneakily1

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