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My brain hurts… It’s pathetic

Crazy Brains

My brain HURTS! It seems like the world is trying to make me over-think. Whether it’s commercials on TV, breaking misinformation, twitter, facebook, reality TV, ads on websites, podcasts… regardless of what you want to call it, to me it’s just wasted bandwidth. People don’t talk about their problems anymore. If it’s not a tweet, text, or e-mail… it becomes a sour relationship because in an age where people are so connected… they are even more disconnected with REALITY. I don’t find it sad, I find it pathetic!

I find it pathetic that our lemming society is willing to just sit there and let their minds bleed out intelligence, and then soak in the bullshit that’s fed to them.

I think it’s pathetic that the average marriage is quickly going on 3 years before someone cheats… and cheating is acceptable and encouraged.

I think it’s pathetic that kids can’t be kids anymore because their over-zealous, moron, parents are too busy trying to live out their bullshit fantasy through their kids because they failed at their own accomplishments.

I think it’s pathetic that people get fired from a job for doing things on their own free time… yet elected officials don’t do their job and still get paid/re-elected on OUR time and OUR dime.

I think it’s pathetic that a poor person who has a passion for an art,  is labeled a criminal because they choose to download said art to make due until they can actually afford the grossly over-priced work.

I think it’s pathetic that people don’t think for themselves anymore.

I think it’s pathetic that privacy no longer exists in our society (not like I’m a private person myself).

I think it’s pathetic that a video game that sucks balls costs $60 yet an awesome game for a portable device is currently on sale for $.10

I think it’s pathetic that people believe in something that doesn’t exist in fear of creating their own existence.

I think it’s pathetic that nudity is shamed but violence is praised and many times encouraged.

Snap the fuck out of it people!

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