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No worries, Yes I Said That has been updated again!

Cow TongueNo worries, Yes I Said That has been updated again!

It’s that time of the month again… no, I’m not having my period;  “Yes, I Said That!” has been updated for October. For those of you who don’t know what it is, this section is merely a collection of CRAZY things I’ve said over the past month on Twitter, Kik (feel free to add me over there, sneakily1), and text messages. I’ve been notoriously doing this with friends of mine for years (see The Chub), and it’s always been funny for myself and those involved whenever we get to go back and reflect on the actual conversation. Many times things aren’t quite as they appear, which inadvertently makes the conversation (or lack thereof) even funnier. So make sure to check back every month, leave comments, or hell… if we had a great conversation and you think it belongs here just let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps you too can be a part of “Yes I Said That” history here on Sneakily’s Realm.

PLEASE remember that these are original! If you want to use one of them for a non-profit purpose, please link to the site and give credit where it’s due. If you’re trying to profit off of something I said, notice the copyright at the bottom of the page… I WILL sue the ever living shit out of you if you steal my words… PERIOD! If you own a T-shirt company or something of a similar nature and would like to press merchandise for me and split profits, let’s negotiate… I’m easy to find, and you can always leave a comment down below with whatever proposal you can conjure up.

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