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I’ve had a few people ask me questions about the site over on Twitter and figured I would take a moment to clear up a few minor things about the site.

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get all of the latest posts, news, ETC. BTW don’t let the counter up there mislead you. That’s merely the number of RSS subscribers at the moment. For those of you who can’t figure that out, it’s in the top right corner of the website. The actual number of readers at the moment is thousands… which brings me to the next point.
  2. Comment, Participate, bitch, moan, Whatever! You can EASILY log in using Twitter, and various other methods so you can voice your opinion here on the site and show everyone how much you actually hate me.
  3. Download , install, and utilize the FREE Android App! It gives you INSTANT notification of anything cool that happens here on the site. Just click on the ad on the right (it’s MY ad), make sure your Android phone is set to allow installation of non-marketplace apps (settings, applications, check the box that says “Unknown Sources”). There’s also a Blackberry app available, but who the hell with any sense of self respect uses Blackberry?
  4. The menu bars in the navigation on the right hand side of the site are just cool decorations. You have to click on the actual WORD (i.e. “Strokes”) in order for the button link to work. Just clicking on the blue bar doesn’t do shit. I apologize for that, but the current limitations of CSS3 don’t allow me to do anything about it (blame the people who make the standard). The Blue bars look badass though, so I want them to remain… However, they ARE NOT buttons.
  5. Follow me on twitter! That’s where my best material happens. I do attempt to summarize some of it on here, but if you want REAL interaction with me… that’s the ticket.
  6. Feel free to click the “Donate” button on the right and help a cracka out. I run, host, manage, design 15+ websites and it requires money to do so. NONE of my sites have ads, so that your experience on my sites can be a lot more pleasant. Even if you give just $1 it helps me out HUGE in paying for all of this insanity. So here is me… begging. I’ll never make fun of you for whatever amount you use to assist me in paying for all of my silly ideas. You can use Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover… hell, pretty much anything. BTW to those of you who have helped out, THANK YOU! Every penny earned is put right back into these insane projects.
  7. Ocular Aneurysm Media Is just beginning, so don’t judge it by it’s current form. There are many sites that are still under construction and awaiting content from their actual owners. Most of these people actually have lives, but I promise you… once they start writing and doing what they do, you’re going to LOVE it! If you think you’d like to be a part of Ocular Aneurysm Media shoot me a direct message over on Twitter, or leave a comment here at the bottom of this post with who you are, links to what you do, and why you think you’ll qualify. This will also allow my other readers to see what you do and decide whether or not you’re worthy of Ocular Aneurysm Media.


*Picture was found using a google search, it links to the original site and owner “The Noob Store“. Go buy a T-shirt from them for doing such cool work!

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