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Certified Awesome There is no reason to try and explain to your friends just how awesome you are anymore… Here you go, your very own “Certified Awesome” card brought to you by Sneakily’s Realm. Print it, laminate it, and carry it around with you at all times. When someone questions your awesomeness… just show them that you’re […]

Things I learned in Chicago This past month I spent a week in Chicago with my lovely long-term temporary soul-mate, and here’s some things I learned Restraining orders don’t mean shit when you’re out of the jurisdiction area. Whodini panties. (You’ll have to ask her) Having a laptop = sweet. Having the power cord for said laptop […]

I’ve had a few people ask me questions about the site over on Twitter and figured I would take a moment to clear up a few minor things about the site. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get all of the latest posts, news, ETC. BTW don’t let the counter up there mislead you. That’s merely the […]

My Bucket list The recent IPO of Facebook inspired me to create a Bucket List, here’s why: Have I ever mentioned I hate Mark Zuckerberg? In celebration of this douchebag’s great accomplishment of fucking over his friends, invading the privacy of the world illegally, yet TOTALLY getting away with just a slap on the hands, not to […]

Here’s an interview I did a couple months back. A fine example of me not being negative… for the most part 🙂

Try not to die this year and BTW, if you’re afraid of clowns, Bummer… I probably just ruined your new year. Here’s to the Mayans having 365 chances to be right in 2012. Happy New Year!

The 12 Dicks Of Christmas It’s the holiday season, one of my least favorite times of year. While I’m not someone who hates Christmas (or any other politically incorrect/correct holiday celebrated during the Month of December), I’m willing to admit that I’m very deeply scarred due to shitty holiday events of the past. While I’m not a […]

Myself and some people I know who have AMAZING personalities are starting up a social commentary blogging network called Ocular Aneurysm Media where we will be calling out the random acts of stupid in the world. While this was my idea (and thus, Stroke #4), I must give credit to these fine folks for being brilliant and […]

It seems like not a day goes by that someone isn’t asking me to do something for them because they are just too fucking lazy to do it themselves. I guess they just assume I sit around doing nothing all day since I’m not working a “Normal” job… and that their time is more valuable than mine. […]

In the near future, I’m going to spend some time sharing some tall tales that you may or may not believe have actually happened to me. In many cases, these stories seem like something that has been passed down from generation to generation because they might seem so absurd. Yes, there are many occurrences in my life […]