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Sneakily’s Realm and T-shirt Hell

This is exciting news for me because I’ve been working with T-shirt Hell for a VERY long time, and not only am I a fan of their merchandise… I own a bunch of it myself, and I designed one of their shirts (more on the way)!

So you can imagine how cool it is that they’ve accepted me into their fold. Here’s how you can assist me:

First of all, if you’ve never seen their website… go check them out, their T-shirts are HILARIOUS (and highly offensive).

Secondly, I’ve posted an ad here on the site. Don’t worry… I’m not going to be like most websites and go all ad crazy… believe me, if you like what I do, chances are good that you’ll also dig what they do. Anyway, if you purchase a shirt through them using the ad on my site, they hook me up with some flow and points towards new gear.

Finally, if you own a website and would like to become an affiliate too, they have a referral program; if you sign up with them through me they hook BOTH of us up! The process is ridiculously simple, the payout is AWESOME and you also get cool loot. It’s ALL WIN!

So welcome T-shirt Hell to the family and grab yourself some gear that will ALWAYS make you the life of the party!


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