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Some Answers To Your Questions

content templateSome Answers To Your Questions

About two weeks ago I decided to bail on Twitter and leave it behind me for a long while. A bunch of people (mostly chicks) have bombarded me with questions of why… so here’s some answers to your questions.

1. I’m now very happy in a relationship with a woman I adore and love. The kinds of things I used to say/do on twitter (you ladies who partook know what I mean) are not acceptable behavior (by my own standards and of my own accord) for anyone who’s in a great, serious relationship. Yes, Twitter is all kinds of a crazed sexual playground… I don’t have any use for that anymore, as I have an amazing sexual playground called the love of my life’s mind, body and vagina. NEXT

2. People on Twitter are constantly miserable and constantly bitching about it. Yes, I’m being a hypocrite on this one… because I’m usually one of those miserable, bitchy people; it’s kinda what I’m known for on there because it’s considered to be funny. Honestly, I’m sick of seeing it, I’m sick of being miserable myself, and I’m sick of people who encourage misery by constantly supporting my misery with a “fuck yeah… that’s bullshit dude!” For those who know me in the real world, I’m the guy you enjoy being around because I’m… well pretty much what you get here on the site, but with a certain charm and positivity that you can only understand by actually hanging out with me.

3. I have a serious business now that I’m focusing on instead of trying to juggle 18 websites, 30 twitter accounts, and a couple thousand bullshit twitter-based “friendships” that haven’t done much to help me progress in life over the past year and a half. Don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of amazing twitter relationships I’ve created that have helped me out HUGE with my recent progression… my new business venture never would have happened had it not been for Twitter; I’m grateful for such a positive thing in my life, and the few of you who support and encourage me. Spending my time, creativity, and intelligence on this business is more productive for the long-term than fucking around on Twitter. See #1

4. Twitter has turned into one giant waste of mental bandwidth. This is my own fault for following people back and deviating away from my original plan of blocking people I didn’t know or follow originally. Unfortunately though, with all of the followers, and all of the unwritten “rules” all of those fucks on favstar keep trying to push on Twitter-folk… it’s become one stupid-ass highschool-esque experience for a bunch of fucking losers who try and pretend their life isn’t half as shitty as it really is. It’s funny, because people on Twitter rag on Facebook users for being all “highschool,” but the more people join/interact on Twitter, the more it’s turning into the exact same trendy bullshit I hated about Facebook. If you have 7k followers I’d be willing to bet you have all of 3 REAL people you hang out with, you never get laid, and most people think your cynical attitude is a shitty thing to be around. Ironically, that’s exactly what you could say about me here in the shitty town of Columbia, Mo. Twitter has become like cable TV… a million commercials and nothing entertaining, so ya just keep flipping channels (scrolling through your lists/timeline) to kill time; mindlessly tossing your brain cells away to fuckers who don’t give two shits about you. I think there’s a couple million better things I can do with my intelligence than waste time on that kind of useless horseshit… how about you?

5. Twitter was a subconscious escape for me so I could feel like “me” again. I wasn’t aware at the time, it just kinda happened… but the truth of the matter is when I left Nashville on a relatively sudden basis, my plans to move fell through, and I inadvertently ended up in the one place I NEVER wanted to end up… the city and house where I was raised. I’ve never been comfortable with myself here, I’ve never liked the people here, and I pretty much have to hold my tongue on a constant basis as not to offend the people with whom I’m constantly surrounded. With this being said, and trying to re-find the fun, twisted, witty, sarcastic party animal that I was in Nashville… I took to Twitter so I could feel like my “old self” again. Let’s face it, going from a lifestyle of 24/7 debauchery where I was “The Guy” and known and loved by thousands of beautiful, smiling faces… to this hellhole in Missouri, well let’s just say it’s fucking depressing as all shit… on a good day.

6. If I spent %5 of the time I wasted on twitter over the last year and a half working on my songs… I’d probably not have any more songs written/finished, but I’d feel a hell of a lot better being able to tell people I’ve at least been trying. The truth of the matter is I haven’t done jack-shit musically in over four years now, and it’s time to break that terrible trend. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but I’m way too talented to be part of that embarrassing statistic.

Those are the main reasons why I bailed on twitter for a while. It’s not permanent, I don’t know how long I’ll be away… and from time to time I might check in secretly just to keep tabs on a few amazing people. When I do come back, it will be in even more moderation than before (yes, twice a day for an hour or so was too much). To be honest with you, two weeks later I don’t miss it one bit. I DO miss about 3 people on there who were really cool, and unfortunately I don’t have any other way to stay in contact with them. While that does suck ass… they are the type of people who I’m confident will still welcome me back once I do decide to hop back on and bless the Twitter fiends with my brilliance once again. I hope this resolves some of the mystery and rumors surrounding my sudden disappearance. I also hope it may convince one or two of you to also step away from the social media and do something more productive and positive with your time. So until the next time I check in with you ladies and gents… Be fun 🙂

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