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Show the world your “twitter crush” with my new bumper sticker I don’t remember exactly what sparked this, but I do remember I was on twitter and sleep deprived. Regardless, you can now show the world how much you love me by printing up this bumper sticker and putting it EVERYWHERE! I’m broke right now, so I […]


The hash tag #KillACliche has started trending on twitter. Yes, that one was all me. **update** And now it’s a website It’s dead

Stupid Bird

Dear Twitter, Twitter has been taking some drastic moves lately in an effort to raise money for it’s services. One of my least favorite being their “Promoted Tweets.” There’s nothing more annoying than trying to keep up with your timeline already and then BAM, just like a bastard, ginger stepchild… a stupid ad for a cheeseburger from […]

My Bucket list The recent IPO of Facebook inspired me to create a Bucket List, here’s why: Have I ever mentioned I hate Mark Zuckerberg? In celebration of this douchebag’s great accomplishment of fucking over his friends, invading the privacy of the world illegally, yet TOTALLY getting away with just a slap on the hands, not to […]

Myself and some people I know who have AMAZING personalities are starting up a social commentary blogging network called Ocular Aneurysm Media where we will be calling out the random acts of stupid in the world. While this was my idea (and thus, Stroke #4), I must give credit to these fine folks for being brilliant and […]

Here's Johny

Band Autographs Are Silly I have never understood the obsession of having someone you admire sign a piece of paper, album, guitar, etc. On MANY an occasion, I’ve hung with numerous celebrities of varying sorts, and I think the main reason they actually hang out and party with me is because never ask for autographs, nor do […]

The .XXX domain directory Now that they’ve started with the .XXX domain names to supposedly assist in keeping children away from pornography… I say let’s make a .xxx domain directory so those of us who are enthusiasts can find the goods that we like quicker! Think of it as the Phone book of online porn. Yes… it’s […]

Strokes Of Genius From now on I’ll be documenting all of my various Strokes of Genius. You might not agree, but that’s just because you’re too stupid to comprehend just how brilliant it is at the moment. BTW this is the first one. So Stroke Of Genius #1: documenting my amazing thoughts/ideas for a change.