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The BandI’m starting another trend that will probably become yet another website at some point. For now, it’s simple… on twitter use the hashtag #BandNames. The criteria, it can’t be a currently known name for a band and it has to be original and funny. To test out your title try this simple phrase: “We Are… #BandName”

I’ll be posting my own creations as well as those whom I deem worthy on this post, so once again it will be regularly updated. If it starts getting too outta control, I’ll turn it into a website. If you have an actual concept for the band (i.e. Kiss, Mudvayne, GWAR, Slipknot, Genitorturers) please give the low-down of the idea too. This should make for some hilarity, as I have seen many a band naming comedy from my work in the music biz back in the day. Another quick note, if you use the hashtag, assume that you are giving away the rights for some band to pick up and use that band name. If you are in a band and you decide to name your band after someone’s idea… PLEASE show some love by giving them credit in your bio, liner notes, etc.

Band Names

  • Buttoxic
  • Mud Baby
  • Jean Claude God Damn (this one was actually thought up by a band I once worked with while we were brain storming for a name. It still cracks me up every time I think of it. Please note I WAS NOT the one to come up with it… Props to Paul B, Steve L, Justin T and Wes for this one. I miss you guys!)
  • Cavity Search
  • Vermont (Again, credit to Paul B & Steve L)
  • In-grown Nose Hair
  • Pickled Pigs Toenail
  • Red Rocket (Credit to Paul B)
  • Top O’ The Mountain
  • In Your Pants
  • Re-Tardy
  • Sexual Heroin
  • Lil‘ Teapot (Rapper)
  • Walk Of Shame (Tribute band that plays covers of songs derogatory to women)
  • Boob Gravy
  • Depends… The Band
  • Listeria
  • Crap Louse
  • Premature Emancipation
  • Royal Courtesy Flush

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